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Author Topic: Why retain a primary chain drive on a UCE.  (Read 2476 times)


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Re: Why retain a primary chain drive on a UCE.
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2010, 09:39:20 am »

Are doing so for one very very simple reason.

Its 500cc. It makes 28 BHP (Claimed).
That puts it at close to double the power output and CC size of any engine made in the country.

I think that the "claimed" hp is at the crank, similar to the way the other Bullets are rated.
The actual hp at the rear wheel is somewhat less than claimed on all the Bullets.

One of our members who has a dyno, has put an American version of the UCE on it and it came out at 21 hp at the rear wheel. And it has a nice broad torque curve, peaking at 26 ft-bs of torque.
Here's a link to the dyno charts on this thread.

The old Iron Bullet had 16.5 hp at the rear wheel in stock form on his dyno.
And the AVL was almost the same as the old Iron Bullet in stock form.

So, the UCE is the most powerful of all stock Bullets, but the rating at the rear wheel is below what the "claimed" power is, and is probably measured at the crankshaft for this published specification.
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