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Author Topic: Accidents happen!!  (Read 3395 times)


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Re: Accidents happen!!
« Reply #30 on: October 22, 2009, 10:06:31 am »
Yeah, be sure to take it easy Larry.  Head injuries are no fun.  TV and movies make "getting knocked out" seem so minor, but it is trauma to the brain.  I knocked myself out a year ago January for about 30 seconds.  I don't even know what happened, but I was on foot and think I just tripped bad.  It was 4 months before my periodic headaches subsided.  There's a reason they call helmets "brain buckets!"

Take care and keep getting better!

Eamon in Seattle
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Cabo Cruz

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Re: Accidents happen!!
« Reply #31 on: October 22, 2009, 10:36:59 am »
Br. Larry, this is a true story.  I had flown over the handlebars (because a dog just darted out from behind a bush and he did not give enough time to react)... after a brain scan in ER, the doctor informed that my brain (function) was normal... I looked him as straight in the eye as I could with my uninjured eye and said in response, "I beg to differ with you, doc!"  :D
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Re: Accidents happen!!
« Reply #32 on: October 22, 2009, 06:54:06 pm »
Finally have the straight scoop on my accident.  The problem was the rear tire which lost its air due to a bent stem.  I filled it up initially and once when it was flat (should have checked it out better then).  Finally, I took it apart today and found a damaged stem, I suppose damaged after the tube had lost air. The stem itself (all metal) had a place at the tip that was torn up a bit, and the stem itself was bent.  I suppose I might have found this through a little care when I refilled it the first time, something must have caused it to lose air.  Anyway, I will put a new tube in this afternoon, hoping that it will hold air better.  So a lot of my figuring was in error - thinking I had dodged a cow, etc. when I went down with a flat tire.  The tire itself is new, an Avon and the tube was new too, but maybe wasn't installed by me quite right, such that it lost its initial air, then lost it again before the accident. 

After this I plan to get to work on the rickshaw, just minor things needed to complete it.  The thing with it is that I don't yet know what my range is with it.  It will be fine once the new bridge is finally in (lots of talk, little action).  It is only a little over 2 miles into town, but each time I go without the bridge it is more like 40 both ways. 

Lawrence J. Read
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Re: Accidents happen!!
« Reply #33 on: October 22, 2009, 07:25:56 pm »
     Larry, the stem rips out like this due to low pressure. When tire pressure is low enough the tire can spin on the rim under acceleration or braking. The tube gets pulled and the stem tears out. You may have pinched the tube in installation or you might have a coincidental puncture. Check the tire for foreign objects and check the bead. Sometimes you can tear the bead and this will puncture the tube. Rust on the inside of the rim can abrade or puncture the tube.
     To minimize the chance of pinching a tube try this: After you inspect the tire install the first bead then  install the tube. Pump the tube up until it is just round.Not hard or expanded, just round.  Now start to install the other bead. Lube it with some liquid dish soap. Go slow and take SMALL bites with your tire iron. As necessary, let air out a little at a time to ease bead installation. By keeping the tube round like this you minimize the chance of catching the tube with the iron. Also, the tube is easier to see and to push out of the way of the iron. I start my iron near the stem and work around to the other side of the stem. This way you don't fight the stem and you don't have to put your iron right on it.
  I filled it up initially and once when it was flat (should have checked it out better then). 

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