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Author Topic: New RE 500 rider from India  (Read 10566 times)


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Re: New RE 500 rider from India
« Reply #60 on: November 25, 2007, 12:47:38 am »
Its a little over a month since I got the Bullet, and in the same month that I registered here, I have gone from neophyte to Bulleteer - is that common? - of course all that means is that I have put in 100 posts in less than four weeks. To be a real Bulleteer will take a lot more doing in the real world.
Is it time to go get a life, or is this a common situation among people in this community?!
On the other hand, I was looking at this first thread I started, and I noticed that it has been seen some 700 times and elicited some 60 replies - over half of those are me mouthing off, but still,,,,
And too, the Good enough thread has been a highlight and a pleasure to read,,,and one that gets some soul searching going, some of it uncomfortable.
In this time, the RE has worked flawlessly, and has never failed to induce a big grin every time I am out on a ride - never in the traffic here though, CH! Many times when one gets to fulfil a 30 year old dream, things don't look as good when fulfilled, but this one has been the exception. Thus far.
A big thanks to everyone here who has been unfailingly warm and courteous, and I have made a few new friends, here and outside.
I think it has been a good month,,,,,,,
Is it a wonder that one day in a year, us people in India offer flowers and invoke blessings on the bike, or whatever else that is used to earn a living - indeed the day I bought my Bullet was that day this year in India, as evidenced by flowers in the picture! Of course for most people who do that, what they do this for is a source of livelihood,,,
If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well