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Author Topic: Starter Switch Bypass  (Read 732 times)


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Starter Switch Bypass
« on: September 02, 2009, 01:12:23 pm »
I thought I'd go ahead and post this technique in case anyone else might be able to use it.

The problem: Your bike won't consistently Electric start. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't (when and how seem to vary from person to person, bike to bike). Sometimes turning the handlebars left or right seems to affect the starter (like a short). Sometimes cold weather seems to affect it. But whatever is the case - when it won't start, it won't do anything. The engine doesn't grind like a bad battery etc. Just nothing - but the rest of the electrics do work.

Mine: It wasn't the battery - I replaced that with a new one. It wasn't the solenoid - I replaced that with a new one. With the help of Vince and UncleErnie I tracked the problem down to either the starter switch or the inaccessible wiring that leads to it. My readings off the switch were not conclusive because it's a real bear to get to - and subsequently take good measurements.

The solution: Mine anyway. I simply bypassed the push-button starter switch and the wiring that goes between it and the solenoid. Here's how I did it on my AVL:

1) Disconnect the 2 wires from off of the solenoid. (I went just a few inches back and disconnected them at a connector clip).
2) Get an automotive switch - on and off. Push button or toggle. Either will work. Mines rated at 25 amps. Mount the switch where you want it. I made a very simple bracket and mounted that to the frame near the battery and under the carb.
3) Connect one end of the solenoid small posts (where the you removed the switch wiring) directly to ground.
4) Connect the other solenoid (small) post to one side of the switch which you have chosen and mounted
5) Connect the other side of the switch to a + charge. I tapped directly into the small red wire the runs out of the main battery + cable.

That's it. The new switch works in place of the handlebar switch.

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Re: Starter Switch Bypass
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2009, 03:30:07 pm »
     If you do something like this the switch type is critical. Do NOT use a toggle! If is is accidentally bumped, or you hit a pot hole it will actuate the starter while you are riding. Always use a button such as a dirt bike kill switch. These push to actuate and release when you stop pushing.
     FYI: When I find a wiring harness issue, I usually simply bypass the harness and run new wires completely. The switch should not be that hard to check. Pull the headlight, unplug the switch, and pull the switch loom out.