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Author Topic: Gear changes on the new G's and C's  (Read 884 times)


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Gear changes on the new G's and C's
« on: May 28, 2009, 07:07:26 am »
Well, here it is, the '09 riding season. ;D
(actually my riding seasion is mostly all year)
I was looking at yet another new bike, was really leaning towards a Bonnie, but not now!
Man, I gotta get the new G-5 and slap on a solo seat!
I've got 3 R.E.'s now, sort like the evelotion of man,
 my '99 is my vintage trials bike-4 speed, rough, tough, loud,
 my '01 is set up with the vintage kit, a bit more refined, more chrome,
 my '09, well, it's green! ;D
so what's another one??
My '09 military has the side car on it, and really, lately this is my bike of choice! :D
So, the question at hand..................
I have the military geared lower, (larger front sprocket), heavy duty clutch springs to haul the Cozy.
What can I do WHEN I get the new G-5?
Is there a heavy duty clutch set up, how is the front sprocket set up?
(I mean like other bikes, you take the guard off and there it is or?????????? ???)
I think today I'm gonna call the dealer in Williamsport Pa. and see if he has a new one in stock to drool over! :D I know as long as I don't see one up close and personal, I'm alright, but once I see it......................................... ::)
So many bikes, so few $$ ;)
"But honey this model comes in RED! I don't have any RED bikes"! ;)


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Re: Gear changes on the new G's and C's
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2009, 08:11:20 am »
The bikes don't cost so much, Joe. It's the darn house with enough room to store them.  ::)


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Re: Gear changes on the new G's and C's
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2009, 10:01:08 am »
I hear that!
I started with a 20'X30" wood working shop that I made room for my off road bike.
Then 2 boys later,3 off road bikes.
Then road riding got my arse.
I built a 12"X14" shed to hold the 3 off road bikes/gear, and '99 R.E. trials bike, then the '01 went into the work shop.
That held for a few years..........
Now there's a "box, (5'X9') NEXT to the shed to holds the Vulcan 1500, the off road bikes are gone, (my sons discovered girls, and too many nagging injuries for me after 45 years of racing. The '99 still needs to grind the dirt, so he comes out a few times a week).
So the shed holds the '09 Military side car rig, '07 Kawi KLR, parts from decades of racing, riding clothes of all sorts. The work shop holds the '99 trials, '01 vintage, '95 Kawi Vulcan.
I'm in the process of BUILDING a 12'X12' bump out on the work shop to hold the bikes,cuz the work shop area has grown smaller and smaller, (I told the wife the bump out was my finishing room, so I don't have to paint in the work shop) 8) (I don't think she bought it)!
But I figured I can scoot the KLR over jjjjuuuussssttt enough to put the new G-5 in!
Hell! I have to buy a bike a year, or the world will grind to a halt! Last time I didn't do it,the Berlin wall fell! ;D
I ride, therefore I ma! ;)