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Author Topic: End of a myth  (Read 9330 times)


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Re: End of a myth
« Reply #45 on: February 10, 2008, 05:32:26 am »
Lotus, you got me on the Zep reference ;-)

I had a friend who attended the show.......says they haven't lost a thing. 

As far as appealing to the younger crowd, I'm behind you by 10 years, so I don't know if I'm authorized to represent them anymore......I found it weird when people referred to my '69 as a classic....same year I was born (another neat aspect about the 69 project..........my bike and I are the same age).

I do think there is something to the modern RE's in terms of quality and reliability.  I'll be taking my 07 to Leh in the Himalayas this summer since it's the modern one, disk brake and all, and the 69 will be for cruising.

I know it's not practical for everyone, but I like the combo of a new RE for serious stuff and the 69 for cruising.

I'm also not as good as you guys with mechanics, so new is important to me since I'm not as handy with roadside repairs.  I know my limitations  :'(

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Re: End of a myth
« Reply #46 on: February 12, 2008, 06:39:15 pm »
At 33 I would part of the young crowd (tho not yet a RE owner, more of an "owner-to-someday-be). I can honestly say that while the prospect of tinkering with the bike does sometimes seem intimidating, with the correct resources (manual and this fine board especially)and some patience, it does not seem an overwhelming issue. Then again, I took an auto-mechanics course 3 hours a day my senior year so I could learn to work on my car ( I had '75 Camaro ergo it was something that COULD be worked on fairly easily). ;)
I can't say that I represent most in my age demographic...now that I think about it, location and rearing probably has a significant bearing on the desire to LEARN to work on something. I grew up in a somewhat rural area so I think that lends to it more than if I'd grown up in a big city someplace.
Just a thought or two...