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Author Topic: The time has come...  (Read 2864 times)

Cabo Cruz

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Re: The time has come...
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2009, 09:58:36 pm »
"I could very easily desire a UCE as another bike for my stable.
However, I don't view them as a "replacement" for the Iron Barrel Bullet. The old Bullet stands alone as an icon, and can never be "replaced".  ace.cafe

Amen, Br. Ace!!!  I would not even consider having to sell Perla to get a G5 or a C5!!!  I would also like to have a UCE with one condition: Keep the Cast Iron Bullet, as well.  And, if I cannot have two Bullets, Perla remains my dancing partner!
Long live the Bullets and those who ride them!

Keep the shiny side up, the boots on the pegs and best REgards,

Papa Juan

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