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Author Topic: Style 3 windshield and neck warmer  (Read 1292 times)


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Style 3 windshield and neck warmer
« on: April 18, 2009, 07:55:31 am »
So, I got my "this months goodies" box Thursday.
A style 3 windshield, and a leather neck warmer.
The neck warmer is cool, has felt on the inside to keep the chill away from the pipes.
I had ordered a medium, but....
My neck is 14 1/2 and although the medium fits, I think a LARGE would have been better, so keep that in mind if'n your thinking about it.
It was kinda warm riding into work today, but I tried it. It works great!!
10 plus in my book! ;D
I also installed the style 3 windshield.
I use a Ural "Bat Wing" when it's really cold out, but this is a "spring windshield"
It took a couple of minutes and a bit of cursing to get it on, (too many moving parts that are loose when your trying to set it all up).
I put a 1/4" tab between the windshield and the light housing to hold it steady.
Works good, but.....
Like all 3/4 windshields.
it keeps the wind off my body great, looks great with my Cozy windshield, dresses the bike up nice, but........
It throws the wind right into you face. My KLR extended windshield does the same. I ride this time of year with a full face, and if you have a open helmet, it pushes the wind right into your eyes, actually flops @ my glasses.
You find yourself hunkering down for the wind noise, or wear ear plugs.
I LOVE the tint.
I rate that 10 plus also! ;D
So many toys so few $$! ;)

bob bezin

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Re: Style 3 windshield and neck warmer
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 08:02:04 am »
i found the style one windshield about one and a half to two inches to short for the enfield.  its 19 inches it needs to be about 20, 21 inches . it fits my bonnie better so that's where it stays.  still looking for a taller shield for the RE.
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Re: Style 3 windshield and neck warmer
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2009, 06:40:23 am »
Yeah, the  R.E. just doesn't "fit" a windshield like other bikes?? ???
I had bought a small rectangle one, thinking the retro look, but that looked really funny after a while, then I put my sons Vulcan 750 fatty on, that's more a traditional shield, that was out.
This style 3 looks "right". About the same dimensions as the side car one, so it looks the best.
If I didn't have the "bat wing" I'd try the style 1 bigger one.
So much bling for my bike, so few $$! ;)