Author Topic: anybody want a brass exhaust for a 350? or leather pannier/saddle bags?  (Read 2015 times)

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figured i'd post here first.  the leather panniers are from my now sold 08 military. they are in decent condition.  they'd definitely benefit from a good leather cleaning and conditioning.  the black lettering on the flap has mostly faded.  check the picts.

The muffler was part of the bin of parts i got with my 77 RE 350.  i don't have the brass flower for it.  it's just what's in the picts (down pipe and silencer).  check out the pattern on the muffler!

make me an offer and then we'll figure out shipping.  the panniers shouldn't be horribly expensive to ship.  the muffler is a little ungainly.

1977 RE Bullet 350 that is slowly being converted to resemble a WWII era bike...