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on: April 07, 2019, 05:20:16 pm
First ride of spring.  Spent a couple days prepping the bike (2016 Bullet 500) since it hasn't moved in over 6 months.
Broke some teeth off the rear sprocket before it got cold last year so spent a couple days replacing the sprockets (front and rear), and chain.  Went to 18 tooth front, 102 link chain I think.  Thank's to the guys in India for the great YouTube video's!  Can't speak a word of Hindi, but would have had a hard time without them.  New gas, new plug, new chain and sprocket and it ran sweet as ever.

My daughter drove up from college so she could ride her bike (2009 Rebel 250) with Dad.  She's a newbie, only about 300 miles so far on the 250, about 1000 on a 150cc scooter), but catching on pretty well.  A summer weekend riding course will do her well (build up that confidence, max braking, slow speed maneuvering....).  She called me on the way home and said "Dad, there are so many motorcycles out", can't wait! 

Called up my Bro and he pulled his 103 CI Harley out of the garage and we made a quite proper little motorcycle gang, although Bella was the only one with a genuine Harley jacket (came with the Honda  ::).  Stopped by and saw some fams and one of her many cousins took a pic of her on the bike and posted it on snapchat (No, I don't know how that works).  All her cuz's thought she looked so cool!

Cruised around country roads, found a diner (no biker bars, she is only 19).  She said Dad, isn't "Biker Bar" an oxymoron or something like that, not supposed to be drinking and driving.  Did not have a good answer for that, but I was a smartass at her age too  ;D

Got home after dark (it really cooled down, dont know if my hands were numb from the cold or the Bullet vibes).  A good day was had by all, and many more to come.