Author Topic: Strobing LED rear brake light. An effective & discreet safety upgrade.  (Read 611 times)

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MBK -- I'm saddened by your story but pleased there were no injuries to people or property.

I concur nighttime glare from oncoming traffic is a significant problem especially for 50+ drivers.  The best vehicle-oriented response is yearly inspections; and broader law enforcement, neither of which is popular with taxpayers.  The best driver-oriented response is unimpaired and undistracted driving; clean windows as delivered by the vehicle's OEM; yearly ophthalmologic examinations with corrective actions as prescribed; and vision aids as appropriate.

WRT to owners modifying the OEMs lighting design, a major reason is to mitigate the cost-driven and feature-driven options offered by the OEMs.  You can only afford an S model but like the wheels on the SEL model?  Buy the S and drive to Discount Tire for some better wheels.  It's apparent with the UCE models RE really didn't try hard to capture the US market.  If it wasn't for Kevin and like dealers we probably wouldn't be riding UCEs today.  RE's lighting really isn't adequate for a 24-hour riding regime which is why so many of us are improving it with modern technology.  And when you compare our improvements with the two-frontlight, two-rearlight vehicles surrounding us, in most cases we're barely keeping up.  Which we want and need to do so we can keep riding and contributing to this forum. :)
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I think I agree with everything you say there. Apologies for pressing the subject but it is something that affects me quite badly. Enjoy your riding.
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Good evening all. I Just wanted to follow up on the strobing LED tail lamp installation. As you may recall I ordered the white LED option as I wanted the light washing down over the license plate to be be white and not red. So that I could have the best of both worlds I used a red Sharpie to color the majority of the LED's lens red leaving only a small strip along the bottom clear.  You have to do a bit of figuring first as the bulb housing inserts into the lens housing and rotates slightly to lock it is place. It's not difficult really.  It only took about 15 minutes from start to finish and I'm pleased with the results. The LED doesn't wash out the exterior lens at all. It's not at all obnoxiously bright and the strobing action is certainly an attention getter.