Author Topic: Is Getting New Tires for a Guy like Diamond Earrings for a Gal?  (Read 156 times)

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I finally got around to slapping on that fresh new pair of Dunlop K70s from Bike Bandit that have been lurking in the hallway, and she then sailed through her Virginia State Inspection on Friday, just in time for the Evil Polar Vortex to make itself scarce long enough for a nice long snort down those lovely byways in the sunny mid-50s. Marvelous! Handles like a racer now--meaning I no longer have to look  like one, tossing my knee way out like Mike Hailwood at the Isle of Man TT for every little bend just to manhandle her through it. The old, probably original, 12 year old Avon Speedmaster IIs would likely have squeaked through another inspection, but that chicken-striped rear really looked like one of those old squared-off sidecar tires. Still had plenty enough tread, but really... Frankly, the difference in handling is SO palpably improved and "flickable" that it's gonna take me a while to get used to it. I'm still oversteering a bit.

Which brings me to a handy gadget I can wholeheartedly recommend for tire changing and whatnot, one of those Harbor Freight 1500 lbs. Capacity ATV/Motorcycle Lifts:

At least for my old "Iron Belly," it slid right under there and hoinked it up nice and level and stable like it was some specially designed factory special tool for that very make and model. None of that "tilting of the bike" Death Tango with Gravity  bullshit advised in some service manuals, nor undoing of special bolts to swing up the articulated fenders some are lucky enough to have in order to wrestle the wheels out and then back in. Just pump-pump-pump up, and there they are. Changing tires on the rims is enough of a massive pain in the tookus. Do you really feel the additional need to wrestle with the elemental forces of nature beforehand and then again afterwards? They go on sale pretty frequently for 70-something bucks, or a 20% coupon would do you about the same. I don't think it's on their growing excluded products list for such coupons. As it happens, I got my lift several years ago as an impulse buy at one of those "Harbor Fright" 3-Day Sidewalk Sales, when they wheel out the factory returns or overstock from corporate, old display models, and other retail flotsam they just want the hell out of the store. If it's got a usually purple or orange normal little retail price sticker, then it's like 50% off the displayed price the first day of the sale, 70% off the 2nd, and finally 90% off on the last...after which, I gather they're free in the dumpster out back. I think I got the lift, still new-in-box, for something ridiculous like 9 bucks...and there were several in a big stack on a pallet. For years it's just been mouldering in my garage unopened, alongside one of those 48 In. Workbenches, which I also got for about the same. It's still in its box, waiting for me to one day develop a sense of order and propriety. I believe it's been there since the kids were in middle school. My youngest is off to college this Fall.

Anyhow, that lift sure came in handy, considering I grabbed it only thinking I might one day just use it to shift a trailered sailboat off its bunks just enough to touch up the bottom paint there!
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