Author Topic: Re Bullet 500EFI . Is 30000 miles very high ? Will it need work / explode ?  (Read 284 times)

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Hi there !! Looking at a 30000 mile Enfield 500EFI . it looks well cared for , has been regularly serviced and looked after . No major engine work has been done but valves have been checked / adjusted and full service history. I've ridden Carb versions for 20000 miles in India and the Himalayas and they needed regular care . I had an EFI woodsman from new in 2010 and loved it but sold it after 3 years as I had  to many bikes  :D Anyone have exxperience with high mileage EFI Enfields ? Thanks


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I don't, I'm a carb guy still, but curious to see what others say.


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Mine's done over 30,000 and mechanically the engine is still very quiet. The bike has hydraulic adjusters so I'm not sure about the adjustment/checking valve comment. Very reliable until recently when the EFI side of things started playing up and out of lazyness I fitted a 32mm Mikuni instead of fully investigating and rectifying the problem, but the engine side of things have been faultless. It really has been a case of filling up with petrol, riding and swapping out the oil and filter every 3,500 miles. Clutch cable play has probably adjusted half a dozen times from new . There is very little maintenance apart from chain adjustment and cleaning. Mine has never required the oil topping up between oil changes either, although dependent on how the bike was run-in this probably differs between bikes.     

   I bought a UK made exhaust valve last year to replace the original which are known to have 'let go' on a few occasions at maintained high revs but only having gone full throttle of curiosity a few times to see what it'll do it speed wise it probably hasn't been stressed enough to warrant it. 
The plan was to strip and clean the top end over winter and fit it then but I never got around to it. It'll probably end up in the box of EFI bits when the bike gets sold.

 If you're in the UK, what price is it being offered at? Just so I know where to pitch mine when the time comes.
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