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on: February 06, 2019, 05:45:33 pm
Hey Everyone!  A slow day at work today and was adding a "comment" to a notepad file that is on all of the parts department computers.  The file is titled "Silly Customers" and is a list of brief descriptions of "silly" customer interactions.  Get Ready For Some Laughs!!!   ;D

customer asked why oil light was on without starting the bike??? What had happened!

What size drill bit do i need to take the ignition off of my katana?

customer asked what plugs into the vent holes in the back of scorpion exo 700

do you sell used batteries

When customer was told we had light smoke and dark smoke shields he asked Which
one was darker?

Customer said that his motorcycle didnt require a rear axle nut.

Customer asked if their garage had to have electricity to run their battery tender.

gentleman asks that if he has brass battery post screws if that would make his bike backfire. 

customer asked how much labor to jet his bike, then customer asked how much if he did the jetting

customer called in and asked what the next service for his jizzer 600 is

customer asked if it was more to change oil with synthetic... then stated has own parts

I purchased a helmet online and its the wrong size. They wont return my calls so can you guys return it

and give me my money back.

Is there any way to expedite a Backorder?

calls in and asks if we are open

can you just make a 18" tire work on a 17"rim

"What size Shadow do you have, sir?"  "Oh, it's about this tall..."

customer wanted to know why unit was hitting rev limiter, "oh, i have to shift???"

customer crashed bike, wants to know if insurance will cover the next service on his bike

"Do you have a 6" 12 volt battery?"

Do you sell Honda Ridgeline parts?

"the bike will not start" "has the unit sat for any ammount of time?" "its not the battery" (it was the


"the battery is dead" "you didnt jump it from your car did you" "why what's wrong with that?"

"my fuel pump isn't working can you replace" "are you sure it is the fuel pump" " yes unless the missing

battery is the problem"

"Can you help me! I cant find my way out of this building!"

Customer calls at 5:58pm and we close at 6:00pm and says that he can make it here by 6:30pm or so and

asks if I can stick around so he can try on a helmet?

Told customer I cannot cut a key for you I can only get a blank. Customer Says "ok...that will start the

bike right?"

"what kind of bike do you have?" "It's a kawasaki." "What model?" "It's a Suzuki 250." It was an old

suzuki with a kawasaki tank.

What size is your engine? "750 cc, it says on the side" (Rm125)

Does this honda grip glue work on anything besides honda?...I have a KTM

"I saw a part online, do you have it?" "Did you see what the part number was?" "No, but it was $21.95 .

"What bike do you have?" "It's a Kawasaki 3400." It was an ex500, that was the oil capacity.

Do u have a fairing and shift lever for a 07 suzuki ninja r1?

"What kind of plow is it?" customer- "The kind that pushes snow around."

Employee "Looks like your bike calls for 10W-30."  Customer "Is that the same as 10W-40?"

Customer was worried his skid plate was going to scratch the paint on the bottom of his dirtbike

frame.....KTM guys...

Customer called and asked if I could provide the correct speedometer ratio for his 1978 GS750E for his

bobber build.  Recommended installing a GPS speedometer.

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Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 11:38:42 pm
"I'm going to the bike shop for plugs."
Are they open on New Years?
Why not call them first?

"They'll think I'm silly."
But you ride a Bullet!
"I see your point."
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