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on: September 29, 2018, 05:46:25 pm
To my understanding, when looking at the stock fuel map that comes with the Power Commander 5, across the top you have your throttle positions and going down the side is your RPM range. To my understanding, each number is the percentage amount of fuel that is being added to the stock fuel settings that come from the Royal Enfield Factory when the bike is being programmed.

Is this a correct way of looking at the map? For example if I wanted to add 10% fuel at idle then at a thousand RPMs at 0% throttle I would at a 10 in place of the zero which would be 10% fuel added?

The film app that comes with Power Commander V, the way it's set up, is that a decent setup or does it require modifications? In other words, with the added free flow Muffler, is that stock Power Commander fuel map adequate enough or does it require adding more fuel to compensate for the free flow Muffler?

On a cold idle my bike frijole stalls several times before fully warmed up. And when cracking the throttle from at 0% when taking off from a stop light, the bike has a tendency quite often do you want to stumble if not to completely stall. Or if I'm downshifting and have the clutch pulled in and the throttle back at 0%, once I start to roll back on the throttle and let out the clutch, my GT sometimes I and either try to stop or will completely stall.

I'm at the point where I'm wondering if the bike is just too lean. Sometimes on a long ride maybe once or twice when you let off the throttle and let the engine compression slow the bike down before pulling the clutch in, it will backfire. A backfire is a classic sign that you're running lean.

My next thing to do is pull the spark plug and see what it looks like.

Any thoughts?
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Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 01:44:10 am
Mine hasn't ever stalled once since I fitted the PC V. I have fooled around with the tune a bit to suit my bike though. Can't remember exactly what, whether I've added fuel or removed it from various places, and slightly changed some timing settings. It runs well. Happy to post a screenshot of my setup if you're interested. I've retarded the inlet cam and skimmed the barrel so my settings might not quite suit yours.
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