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on: September 25, 2018, 06:36:38 pm
I have seen the modifications to the restrictive standard air box in various places. I like the look of the ACE solution and Hitchcocks do one as well. I was wondering if there is a need for a power commander after fitting in order to a compensate for the change? Is this something that should be done after running in or is it ok during running in? Any info on the pros and cons of  the ACE vs the Hitchcocks would be very welcome as well.


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Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 09:45:29 pm
Hello General - Here are two threads. The first documents the development of the Air Kit.


In the next one there is a discussion of the results.


Here is the copy from Hitchcock's.
"The standard air filter cover draws air into the air filter through a rearward facing 90 degree angled plastic moulding. This arrangement restricts air flow and has a marginally detrimental effect on performance.

We have developed an exclusive alloy venturi that allows air to enter the air box directly through a radiused aperture, which offers no resistance. This offers a slight performance advantage, especially when used with the K&N high flow air filter (AM/FILTER22)"

  The Hitchcock system is designed to enhance air flow to a stock air box, which is stuffed with a filter, not air. When the 535cc cylinder begins its intake stroke, drawing from the stock air box, there is a limited air supply, due to the giant filter taking up air space.
  The ACE/Derottone Air Kit converts the stock air box to an air box full of air. When the 535cc cylinder begins the intake stroke, the engine has an improved air supply, creating a much more efficient intake. This better efficiency creates power.

Otto's comment:
"Ya, I've got some left. The price is the price however, not much I can do about it at those low volumes. It's a custom. Otherwise I think it's worth it, the feedback I am aware of was mainly positive. My bike fitted with the Kit, free flow muffler and the PC-V produces true 26 rwhp vs 19-20 stock. I notice the difference."

My comment:
"I posted photos of my install with zip ties. Really simple to do.
  On What did you do today... I covered my last addition, the Sports muffler. My opinion was; the motor had been set up well, but the freer flowing exhaust was necessary to get the benefit of all the mods I had done.
ACE/Otto air intake, velocity stack from Silver Spring, MD Suzuki, Sports silencer, Carpy header. On the fiery side are the Dynatek Coil, ignition wire and cap, Nippon Denso iridium plug, Power Commander V. Also, I installed an Interstate battery, factory activated AGM.
  The different mods affect one another. Breathing in better, means you should also blow out better.
  On my test drive with the new silencer, was the first time with all the mods. The CGT pulled more, revved more easily. It would quickly rev to 5k. I feel that it is running about as good as it possibly can without a new head."

  There have been Air Kits installed without the PC-V. Have you removed your O2 sensor and blanked the hole?
  "I feel that it is running about as good as it possibly can without a new head."
  The next generation of the Fireball cylinder head is in the works.

Bill Gorry
ACE Motors - sales & administration