Author Topic: AVL won't start, no spark  (Read 508 times)

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Reply #30 on: September 14, 2018, 07:14:51 am
The coil should be one intended for application with your specific TCI.

           If that's true, then how does the normal garage mechanic builder chose a coil? I have no ability to evaluate what coil the TCI wants  ??? ???

           If that's true, then your (my) only choice when I decided to replace the coil on my '08 AVL would be a new stock OEM coil and who's to say RE picked the correct coil for the Green TCI that was installed about halfway through the production run of 2008 AVLs? (to replace the Black one). Mine came with a Black TCI and those built later in the year got the new Green one. Did they change the coil? Guaranteed they did not.

        I've been putting Pertronix coils on bikes and cars since the '70s, both EI and points, and they work and do fine with no esoteric electrical math exercises or analysis. They just seem to work fine the last being my '08 with Green TCI. I put the Black one back on for a while last season and it worked just fine also. First or second kick all the time and no kickback when shutting down with the key either (since changing to Champion plug).

       Who knows??
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2008 AVL Classic.Extensive head work by Ace.Ace canister/TM32/Ace manifold.Small open bottle/hot tube removed.Pertronix Coil.Bobber seat.Fed mandates removed.Battery in right side case.Decomp&all doodads removed.'30s Lucas taillight/7" headlight.


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Reply #31 on: September 14, 2018, 11:26:23 am
As to the pertronix coil, I bought the item #40611 which is the 3ohm 12v coil.  Mine is the epoxy-filled one which is intended for offroad use.  I figured with how much these bikes shake around, it couldn't hurt, but now it sounds like the oil filled ones may be more forgiving?  I really don't know anything about the subject.

I'll hopefully be installing mine next week and I will report back as to if it works and if it is a noticeable improvement, etc.

I also bought pertronix part #10001  which is their mounting bracket.  Since I don't have a wide flat spot to mount it to my plan is to bend that bracket and possible re-drill screw holes if need be.  I will mount it up near where the OEM coil is located, under the tank behind the front frame downtube.  Thing is the pertronix is much larger than the OEM coil, so it won't fit all the way up there.  On my bike there are a few screw holes along a flat metal piece which is welded to the downtube, and protruding down below the tank in that area.  I don't know what used to be mounted there... perhaps the PAV breather hose or something.  I think it was up in that area.  Basically I'm going to jury-rig it like I do everything on my bike. 

If you still have the side-panels on your bike, that's probably an easier solution.

I'm interested to learn more about coils now.... sorry for the interruption.