Author Topic: Lower handle bars - move rear set backwards - doesn't it make sense?  (Read 369 times)

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Its a basic ergonomic principle that if you want to lower your handle bars you also would want to keep your knee and hip angles about the same as the rider is rotated on an axis. The way to do this would involve changing the position of the foot pegs and brake/gear shifter.  This would ensure the same angles and help rider comfort. That's why its done on the GT over the standard RE's. There are all kinds of youtubes showing guys doing exactly this when turning old British or Japanese bikes into cafe racers. There are all kinds of after market rear sets available and quite often people will also fabricate their own and move their feet backwards from the standard position. I'd like to try lowering my handlebars under the tree but don't see how this can be comfortable to me without moving the rear sets.

Any thoughts on this on how it can be done? I see options from Hitchcock for the GT so assume I'd have to do my own fabrication. Anybody tried this?