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on: June 30, 2018, 10:17:10 am
If speed is relative ( and I believe it to be) 50mph is flying after riding the last 300 miles at 40mph.  And so it is with break-in miles.  Just completed the 300mi service.  I’m happy to report that nothing inside the engine is of inferior design.  From what little, valve adjustments  and oil change reveal everything looks nicely machined, designed and assembled.   During the 300 mile break-in I rode a semi-technical track with the Himalayan.  Other than being heavier, the Himmy negotiated the course with the same ease as my KLX 250.   The Himmy does a good job managing its weight .  Very compliant, and the extra weight is a benefit when on the road.   Obviously the KLX has the advantage off road,  however, the Himmy took me through one of my favorite off road sections with no drama whatsoever.   ...........
Came out of the barber shop the other day to find a couple of guys congregated around the Himmy.  They had no Knowledge of the new offering from Royal Enfield, but wholeheartedly agreed (from an appearance standpoint) the bike was intriguing .  I’m very proud of Royal Enfield , they did a great job of reading the market and building a machine to match their findings.  Oh, and my compass works, considering that a bonus. 😀
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Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 09:29:28 am
All motion is relative motion, because everything is moving. Don't believe me, just ask Einstein. My RE B5 usually attracts attention wherever I park it. Nobody seems to have a clue what it is. Most think it is a restored British bike, because I have British flag stickers on the battery box, and the same cover on the other side. People actually stand around to watch me kickstart it. It sounds great with the carb, pod filter, and the aftermarket pipe.
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