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Author Topic: A couple of interesting blogs about the twin and ABS for all of the bikes  (Read 544 times)


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  I used to live on a point, overlooking LA harbor, ocean palisades, big park, too. HDs used to come down from the rest of LA and wherever, all weekend long. By Sunday afternoon I was ready to start shooting primary cases going by my second story balcony.
  Eventually, LAPD set up shop at the point. Every loud Harley got a ticket to repair or stay off the road. The next week I was hanging out at Century MC. One of the ‘victims’ was handing out flyers to have the PD not enforce the law. Owner, Cindy, was glad to take them and off he went. We looked at each other and said, “Sure!”  Cindy had heard more motorcycles of all kinds than anyone I have ever known. There were no excuses for a street motorcycle to make that much noise. Respecting people trumps childish behavior. Of course, childish people don’t get it.
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So glad to hear kind words about Century Motors.  One of the greatest motorcycle shops of all time.  Fond memories of Wild Bill and Cindy -- Both class acts, as well as what Tim has become.  If one has never visited Century they should.  It is still what motorcycling used to be and the experience is wonderful.