Author Topic: RE on the 2018 Rose City Western States 1,000  (Read 621 times)

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on: March 24, 2018, 08:26:52 pm
I'm planning on doing the Rose City Western States 1,000 again year, but this time on my new RE Himalayan.

It's a fun ride NOT a RACE. Usually set it up to do 550 to 600 miles the first day then the remainder miles the following day. They give way more time in my opinion than what you need to do it in so no worries there. One year I did it on my RE Bullet 500 and came in I believe in the top 20%. It was a blast. I just puttered along at a steady 58mph speed. A lot of people was fascinated I rode it on this run. I really found it odd that a number of riders wanted to ride along with me on many of the stretches of the road. That has never happened to me before or after this ride. But then I usually take one of my touring bikes, not a everyday commuter/errand bike on runs.
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