Author Topic: Todays press launch of the Himalayan - Yes it's finally here.  (Read 1536 times)

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So I put my deposit down on the Himalayan in February with my nearest dealer in Buffalo about 75 miles away. I'm not as worried about the distance. There are a ton of BS4 reviews and DIY content coming out of India, UK and Australia on YouTube. That was just before a trip to India a few weeks ago where I test rode it at one of the dealers there. What a fun ride!  :-*
For me, it's going to let me explore areas around my city and state that the ole' iron barrel probably wouldn't.
It's just going to be hard not to ignore the iron barrel for a while but I hope she doesn't feel left out.  :-\
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Thanks for the tip. I've gone ahead and added it to that Dealerships Map. You've just GOT to support "Double D's", amirite? Feel free to add any notes you think might be helpful. And if anyone else knows of other current or former Enfield dealerships that can still provide parts or service, please feel free to add them, or just contact me, and I'll get them on there.

That's a great resource! Thanks for creating it. I added the two new dealerships I know of in New York State - one is near Buffalo and the other is in Albany.
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That's a great resource! Thanks for creating it. I added the two new dealerships I know of in New York State - one is near Buffalo and the other is in Albany.

Thanks! I do adore those Adirondacks, and am likely to find myself thumping around thereabouts sooner or later. Hence, that port in a storm in Albany is reassuring.  Even in a total roadside meltdown situation AAA Plus with that RV rider would get me a free tow there from pretty much anywhere on those marvelous mountain roads to help make it all better, assuming I couldn't square it away with my swiss army knife, JB Weld and duct tape.

Back to the topic of the Himalayan, there has been a lot of recent chatter about it over on the Adventure Riders ForumOne posting in particular by a user named "eakins" struck me as perhaps being especially worthy of close examination by those on these forums soon to be getting their own Himalayans. The fact that this "eakins" appears to be the purveyor of Butler Motorcycle Maps might lend a bit of credence to my hunch that you "Mobile Yeti Wannabes" might find his thoughts on the new model useful and interesting. Unlike me, my guess is this "eakins" might actually know what he's talking about. In fact, I might grab a modest bundle of his maps. Being a half-assed bay sailor, I'm just a real sucker for charts.
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So badass my Enfield's actually illegal  in India.


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This is no longer true.

There is a Royal Enfield dealer in the Scottsdale area.

8420 E BUTHERUS DRIVE, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 607-7070

Although this is just south of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd in North Scottsdale and is somewhat difficult to find in the mass of twisted streets in the area if you have a GPS you shouldn't have any difficulty in getting there.

Several months ago I visited them to see what they had.
They are primarily an Indian dealer but they had about 5 Royal Enfields on display.
They also had some of the normal parts needed for maintenance and I bought a new air filter from them.

I thought that address looked familiar. I've been to their site before, but they did not have any Enfields, or even mention them. This time they showed 2017 B5s, C5s, and a CGT. When/if they get a Himalayan in, I'll go look at it.

I did watch a Youtube video where a rider in Australia did quite a bit of damage to his new Himalayan from a minor crash in what looked like soft mud. Broke a plastic plug on the right side of the frame, broke both turn signals, knocked the forks out of alignment, and the most surprising thing of all, seriously bent the handlebar. I'm an old guy, disabled, and all I want to do is ride smooth dirt roads and trails. This guy was riding with another guy, and they were moving pretty fast. These were carbed models without ABS, not likely what would be sold in the U.S. If we get ABS, hopefully it can be disabled. No way would I ride off road with ABS.

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