Author Topic: Semi-Decent Starter 105-Piece Tool Kit with 4-Drawer Chest for $36.99  (Read 7886 times)

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I have had one of those wrenches in my tool box for about the past 10 years.  I can't recall where I bought it or how much it cost, but knowing me, probably not much.  ;)  I have found it handy at times, but I do worry about trying to put too much torque on the wrench in its extended position.

For sure, they're a little "hefty" on dishing out the foot-pounds even un-extended, so a light "pinky torque" touch is probably advised with most nuts and bolts. Still, fully engorged it does offer that OOMPH really needed for those really tight wheel nuts (maybe 500 lbs. per inch?).  Anyhow, I'm likely to toss it into one of my panniers on any longish tours. Hell, for what it cost and with a lifetime guarantee, I can always just use it to hammer in tent stakes.

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