Author Topic: GAS Roundtable: Is the motorcycle industry really in danger of extinction?  (Read 1657 times)

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RE may have the right marketing and product strategy to revive the dying industry (at least in North America) after all. #biggerisnotalwaysbetter
The cutely named Give A Shift (GAS) Roundtable was a recent meeting of the minds at the Long Beach IMS led by one Robert Pandya, former executive at Indian Motorcycles to bring industry veterans together and examine the root causes of decline in the (North American) motorcycling industry overall. I found their findings both fascinating and disconcerting. (Who knew autonomous vehicles were a threat to motorcycling?)

A link to the three GAS Roundtable documents is in the LA Times article: No Easy Ride: Motorcycle industry is in deep trouble and needs help fast, panel agrees

Here's a direct link if you want to jump right to it.

 As enthusiasts, old and new, we must all do our part to keep motorcycling alive and well, be as inclusive as possible, evangelize the sport to new riders, especially women, and hopefully the OEMs will come around as well. In the meantime, Royal Enfield seems to have the right product and market strategy for this new age (even if their dealer network isn't quite there yet.) What do Kevin and other RE veterans on this forum think? Is the North American motorcycling industry really in the doldrums as this report paints it?
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