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on: October 12, 2017, 12:40:55 pm
I recently needed to haul my C5 in the back of my truck (Dakota 4X4) so, having never done this I went to Harbor Freight and bought a 3'X6' straight ramp.  When I attempted to load bike, I got the front wheel up and by the time the back one touched the ramp I knew this was a bad plan. I stopped and backed off the ramp.  It was at this time that I saw my wife with camera in hand to document the carnage which even she could see was imminent.

Long story short, I found this "Black Widow" 40" X 8' ramp on the internet and it seemed like a good choice to me.  There are nicer ones but the nicer they are the more the price goes up.

This ramp is made of aluminum (but very sturdy, non flexing) splits into 3 smaller ramps which all fold in the middle for easy hauling. Although the ramps do fit on the bed while hauling bike, I will be converting an old canoe rack I have to hold ramps along the side of bed during transport.

This was about $300.00 and I got a good looking wheel chock too for about $70.00 more added.  The shipping was free due to a sale so I scored on that!

I wasn't able to get the ramp in time, so I rented this u-haul trailer which was very nice too. 

It was 20.00 plus tax and insurance for a total of about $50.00

At least now I will never have to pay for trailer rental again. Last weekend I drove my wife out of state to visit her mother and took Bholenath for a nice long ride while the ladies visited.

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Reply #1 on: October 15, 2017, 10:03:36 am
Looks like a nice ramp.  Seems to be pretty beefy.  Fortunately for myself, I have no problems loading 2 dirt bikes in the the back of my 2X4 Toyota pickup with a single narrow ramp.  But out at the track, I have certainly seen some people struggling to load into the back of their lifted trucks.  Makes me happy that my tailgate only sits about 2' off the ground when down.  However, it does kind of suck that I can't get my tailgate closed with my bike/s loaded in it.  But I can get it mostly closed with a strategically placed ratchet strap.  Haha
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Reply #2 on: October 15, 2017, 01:16:34 pm
Harbor Freights 45" wide trifold aluminum ramp worked well for me.  At 70" long its a bit short.   But at $99.....    Cycle Gears 90" long ( but only 10" wide ) folding aluminum ramp is a bargain at $80 when on sale.