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on: November 08, 2014, 09:45:51 am
I recently purchased a speedo cable and oil filter from NFieldGear. In my opinion, $15.95 for a filter, a washer, and two O rings is absolutely egregious, but I went forward with the order in attempt to support the major Royal Enfield U.S. importer. The order was placed 10/28 and wasn't processed/ shipped until 10/31. I've dealt with quite a few online retailers, and haven't experienced a delay like this.

Then I was slapped in the face with $14.74 shipping charge, and that completely caught me off guard. Why is it more expensive to ship from within the U.S. than to have it shipped over the pond from a certain competitor? For the record, the same order also took less time to arrive from England than it did from Minnesota ???

The kicker however, was that my package was shipped to my billing address instead of my shipping address, creating another issue altogether.

It's hard to imagine so many issues with such a simple order, and needless to say, it has left a sour taste in my mouth. I have had good expireinces with NFieldGear up to this point, and I'm not attempting to disrespect or tarnish the reputation of NFieldGear, but I wanted to provide honest feedback in regards to my latest purchase. 

RE as a primary mode of transportation was a dubious choice.