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Author Topic: Is the Enfield suited to fairly long distances?  (Read 5820 times)


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Re: Is the Enfield suited to fairly long distances?
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2007, 10:24:26 am »
...but I just don't understand comments that REs take such an auful lot of maintenance. ...

The old design makes it a little more maintenance intensive.

First, maintenance is every 1854 miles instead of say, 3000 or more commonly 5000 miles.

Second, it is more complicated than say, a unit-construction engine. For example, instead of one crankcase to fill up, you have an oil tank, a primary case, and a transmission.

Third, you have old-style engineering that warrants extra attention, and can result in operator error if not done properly (I know this from my own limited experience): Compare the drive chain adjustment procedure on an Electra X to any 1970-1990 UJM. Cables, ferrule fittings, springs and cams need proper adjustment and lubrication. During routine maintenance gaskets should be replaced - not reused.

You need to pay attention to things on this bike that you don't have to pay attention to on your driveshaft, watercooled, EFI Hondamatic.

Careful maintenance is rewarded with good results. I think the converse is true too.



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Re: Is the Enfield suited to fairly long distances?
« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2007, 11:25:16 am »
[ Electra is worth it, but it does require more attention, lots more attention.

They are just quirky,just like all British based bikes. Once I got the quirks out of mine, I just run it, do the recommended maintenance and ride it.


I agree.  I am thinking too that once I get the quirks out it will be just fine.  I'm actually pretty content as it is.


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Re: Is the Enfield suited to fairly long distances?
« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2007, 03:52:37 pm »
Yeah, it will do the trip alright. Although I think it would wear the bike out pretty fast. Have taken rides as long as 350 miles in one day on my RE. On back roads there was no problem with 60-65 mph speeds. Of course we stopped every 50-75 miles for a rest and some bench racing, giving the bike a chance to cool down some. You have to remember that this bike was designed in the 1950's when max cruising speeds were usually 45-50 mph or slower. At these speeds the bike will perform flawlessly. Faster speeds of 65-70 mph are attainable for short bursts, but the bike just wasn't made for high speed interstate running for hours at a time. I love my RE but would not want to commute 400 miles per week (both ways) on it. Sorry guys, it is the truth...........Dew.
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Re: Is the Enfield suited to fairly long distances?
« Reply #18 on: August 10, 2007, 06:09:30 pm »
Changing the front sprocket would be a must for long rides. I have only done about 250-mile days on mine, but with the 19 tooth cog is is just barely off idle at 55 and still pretty relaxed at 60. I have ridden for up to an hour on the interstate, but what a pain that is. I may go on a group ride with some friends next month across three states. They all have big bikes, but they all hate interstate and usually keep to 50mph back roads. They plan on doing about 350 miles the first day and I have confidence that at those speeds, the RE will putter along indefinitely.