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Kevin Mahoney

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on: July 20, 2014, 09:56:49 am
We are going to  start selling the factory Royal Enfield clothing. Here is how it will work - Dealers have been given an online catalog with pricing.  The catalog is the shortened version of the full catalog. The reason is that we are only starting with the items RE actually has in stock. We will see how that goes and hope to expand our offerings. All of the jackets except the Lewis leathers will available (including the stylish European zipper style, reverse of what we are used to), T-Shirts, helmets, belts and head and neck buffs. Dealers are to turn in their orders for the 4th quarter this coming week. I will then place a larger order with RE. I expect it will take 6 weeks or so for the goods to actually arrive. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at the prices. They are VERY aggressive. All of it is very good quality and you will not be disappointed. (For example the helmets are made by AGV) Many of you have seen samples when you have visited us at shows. I am going to buy one of each for myself I like it that much. Attached is a copy of the starting catalog.
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