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Author Topic: Mirrors,Clock, and Parking Fun  (Read 496 times)


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Mirrors,Clock, and Parking Fun
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:38:31 pm »
I just ordered 2 bar end mirrors from Halcyon Classic Parts, model 830.  Excellent feedback and advice from Liam.  I think they will look great on the GT.  I also ordered a clock to sit on my steering bolt from clocks4bikes.  Again, it looks like a good fit.  I'll post a picture when they are installed.
I have 260km on the bike so far.  I have had it for two weeks, but in my defence, I was out of town for five days.  I plan on putting on enough to get to the first oil change by next week.  We are in Northern Ontario, and it has been an unseasonably cold and wet Spring.  The last two mornings it was just above 0.  Chilly, but still rideable.
Parking fun: I got to work (a high school) at 7:45, before any students arrived.  I parked the bike and went inside.  An hour later an announcement asked the owner of the red motorcycle to come to the parking lot.  Great.  I rushed outside, expecting to see my bike under some students car.  Thankfully that was not the case.  When I got to the parking space, I saw a Vice Principal standing by the bike.  He was surprised the bike was mine.  I guess he thought it belonged to a student.  The reason he call me was to ask me to move the bike so that a student could park beside it.  I told him I was the first person in the lot.  My bike had one car about 8 feet away on one side, and the other about 10 feet away on the other side.  The student could not fit her car into the space that was open.  Sigh.  I wheeled the bike closer to one side, leaving almost 15 feet clear.  The student parked her barge and I went inside.  No problem today.  Could have been worse, for sure.
I am loving the bike.  It is the lowest-powered street bike I have even owned, but it is the most fun to ride.  Even sticking to the suggested break-in, it is a pleasure to corner and zip around town on.  I do find the gearbox a bit "loose", and the shifting is a bit imprecise.  I have found that if I load up a bit on the shifter, then use the clutch, the bike shifts nicely into the next gear with a firm feel.  I still get an occasional false neutral, but nothing unusual.
Can someone tell me where the seat release is?  My seat was not locked down when I got the bike.  I see the lock and cable that disappears somewhere, but could not find where it originated.  I got the seat locked by pushing and sitting on it.
I noticed that I am getting some light scratches on the tank, where my jacket sits against it while I am riding.  I'm going to get some 3M film to cover that area to save it after I buff it out.
I am interested in others impressions of how the GT is for them.  Anyone care to share?



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Re: Mirrors,Clock, and Parking Fun
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 05:51:09 pm »
You would probably get more responses if you would have placed this topic in the "Continental GT Cafe Racer" area of the forum.

This is the "Royal Enfield News"  area. :)
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Re: Mirrors,Clock, and Parking Fun
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2014, 08:46:42 pm »
Thanks Arizoni.  I did not see the GT-specific page as it was under another page heading.  Thanks for the heads-up!