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Author Topic: Snow Day  (Read 272 times)

High On Octane

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Snow Day
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:49:55 am »
So, as with most of the country, the weather has been craptastic.  Monday night I hit some ice pulling into the apartment complex and smacked the curb pretty damn hard.  It bent both track bars, the sway bar, the strut AND the knuckle.    :o

I ended up unbolting the sway bar to relieve some of the pressure and thew on the donut spare and limped it to work at about 30mph.  After 2 days of working on it (the 2nd of which was off the clock on my own time  :( ) I got it fixed up and realigned.  Best part of working at a Subaru shop with parts cars........  Having spare parts.  ;)  I didn't have the correct parts to to get it back to stock, which gave me the perfect reason to install the lift kit I've been wanting to do.  Well, most of it anyways.  I replaced all the bent bars and knuckle and then I installed Forrester struts on the rear and an Outback rear sway bar and Outback struts on the front.  The result is almost a full 2" of suspension lift with progressive rate springs and a heavier sway bar.  I still need to install the body spacers which will give me another 1" of lift.  I'm also going to be putting oversized aggressive snow tires on there as well so I have the Ultimate Off-Road Camping Car and Old Man Winter can suck my big toe.  ;D

While putting my way into work this morning with my crappy tires on the car (the crappiest "snow" tires I've ever used anyways with about 4mm of tread left) I hear on the radio that I225 is closed, there's a 5 car pile on West I70 right where I need to go past, accidents on I25, E470 and all over the metro.......  Screw this crap, I called the boss and turned around and went back home.  I need my new snow tires before driving 30 miles in this crap again.  I'd be PISSED if I wrecked my car twice in one week.  Or worse, if some ass clown wrecked INTO me!  I'd rather deal with being broke next week than have to fix my car again.

So, I'm going to be spending the day in the Man Cave and finish stripping down the GS550 so I can get that rear suspension assembly out of there and make some progress on this race bike of mine.  :D  Snow days aren't all bad, now are they?

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Re: Snow Day
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2014, 05:22:56 pm »
Smacked that'n good!
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