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Author Topic: Louisiana RE Repair  (Read 246 times)


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Louisiana RE Repair
« on: June 29, 2013, 09:41:42 pm »

I just moved to Baton Rouge and am in need of a good mechanic for my 2009 Bullet Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated :)




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Re: Louisiana RE Repair
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2013, 10:31:55 pm »
Welcome to the forum. :)

Maybe one of our members lives in your neck of the woods but in case they don't, what seems to be your bikes problem?
There are a lot of helpful people here that might be able to suggest how to fix darn near anything that can go wrong with these bikes.
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Re: Louisiana RE Repair
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2013, 10:52:55 am »
Thanks Arizoni,

Well, I bought a 2009 Bullet Chrome with about 1500 miles on it about a year ago in Florida from a Dealer. The bike was immaculate, garaged and had a few modifications:

right-shift gear box
battery relocated
no turn signals
air filter is not stock, it' in a round chrome container that is partially open, maybe 4 inches in diameter, not sure of the exact name/type

So, I should tell you that this the first bike I ever owned/rode. I was in India for 2 months and want to go back to ride in the Himalayas, and since most the rentals there are right-shift Enfields I figured I'll just get on and learn here instead of India.

Soon after I rode it off the lot I started having problems. The bike would suffocate sort off. It would stall out at traffic lights etc. I went back and Chuck, the Dealer, said my exhaust/catalyc converter failed. He put another exhaust on and it seemed to ride well for a short while. The exhaust it came, had a "thick" part that was nearly twice as long as the one now. I felt as if the bike had a little more power with the new exhaust, but not for long. It ran super rich and I changed the plug every 50 miles or so. Chuck started re-jetting the carb and playing with the airflow screw. I honestly feel that the bike never really ran right. It's still running rich even at 1.5 turns counterclockwise from all the way in on the air flow screw.

The engine is pinging a lot and consistently, sometimes louder than other times. I read this is normal but my gut tells me that this is excessive.

I lost power at the top end and can't really get over 65mph, and it takes a while to climb from 60 to 65, that wasn't the case before. I don't need to go any faster than 65 really but it is a difference from how it once behaved.

I  have close to 6000 miles on the bike now. The oil has been changed and the clutch cable replaced and about 20 plugs. The guy that changed the oil said he also tuned it but it felt no different. He actually overfilled the oil and it started blowing out I believe the big, original air filter box if I remember correctly. It was a mess. He re routed some hose to the other side and now it spills out every once in a while, seemingly when I ride a little more aggressive.

Hopefully you're still with me ;) There's more minor things but I'll address those once I have this bike running properly again.

Yesterday I watched a video on tuning, setting the points and the timing with a special tool from nfieldgear, I ordered the tool today. What do I need to be able to turn the engine with the bike off? A hoist, is there a particular piece of equipment that is made for this? Of course there is, I guess I'm asking what it's called.

My father is a mechanic and I worked with him for 2 years in my teens, so I am handy with tools but I really don't know the first thing about bikes. I am determined to learn, especially since I can't find a RE dealer in Baton Rouge, and I'll be here for a year at least.

So, any and all help is appreciated in regards to any and all issues above.

This was a little long winded but I figured I'll give it a shot.

Thank you for welcoming me to the forum as well, I appreciate it ;)