Author Topic: I have a 1999 Bullet that I just bought. How Reliable are they ?  (Read 2327 times)

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Curious about RE dependability. I over-maintain my  toys but how do these RE Bullets measure up ?


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They are decently reliable, not as good as the UCE bikes. They won't stand up to high speed cruising, keep it done to about 55. An occasional shot into the upper speed ranges won't hurt it though.
Maintenance is on par with any classic '50s/'60s Brit bike. Treated well, they will run for a long time. Mistreated, not so long.
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I also have a '99.  My bike is very reliable over the 23000 miles I have run it.  Keep a spare clutch cable, throttle cable, points, headlight bulb, tube of blue thread locker, and miscellaneous nuts in the tool box and you should be set.


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Sounds like a marriage made in heaven 'I over-maintain my  toys' The Enfield will love attention, but the pay back is huge. I have a 2004 Sixty-5 and getting to know the quirks whilst enjoying the riding is all part of the fun.... As long as you have a 'recovery card' handy at all times for a sense of peace. That being said, I have not had to ask for recovery support, and have managed to overcome the trips and falls at the roadside by myself (usually operator error lol)
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