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Author Topic: "tick-tick" sound in Enfield 350 Classic Motorcycle  (Read 236 times)


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"tick-tick" sound in Enfield 350 Classic Motorcycle
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:43:52 am »

ENFIELD CLASSIC 350 2013 Model
One and half year old
Oil changed one and half month before general servicing.
There is a particular sound from the engine while riding it in traffic.

Something like "cut-cut" or "tick-tick" you can say.

1st problem : In heavy traffic situations jams the engine gets really hot and the sound appears in engine.

2nd problem : At the same time if I stop at signal and the headlights are ON the engine starts slowing down and turned off.

this sound only comes when i drive my bike in heavy traffic and there is lot of clutch and gear usage. I drive my bike around 100km with less traffic in the city but dont able to mirror the sound.

I showed it to 5 to 6 mechanics in at my place
The first time I encountered the issue I took it to a mechanic- He told me that the connecting rod or the piston might be the source of the sound and that he'd have to open the engine. I didn't proceed.

The next day I went for a ride and drove around 60kms with little traffic and there was no sound.

2nd mechanic  he asked me to change the silencer and that there was a no problem with the engine

3RD Diagnosed it as a "problem with auto tension system of chain and it may be sound of tappet hitting the valves".

4th mechanic showed to the authorized service center. he told me there is no sound.

5th he told me it is the sound because of idealing of the engine if u increase the ideal speed then the sound wll decrease.

6th an engineer in triumph told me

Further riding is not advisable
As it seems to be con rod noise or tappets from cylinder head get it repaired before it damages the block and it may cost more , while changing engine oil inspecting and filter the used up oil can be suggested to  check if metal particles are presented in expansion chamber.

guys it 3 on 3
can any tell me the exact issue ?

so i can fix it before it damages my engine


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Re: "tick-tick" sound in Enfield 350 Classic Motorcycle
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2015, 05:42:10 pm »
Even with the motorcycle sitting right in front of me I couldn't tell you the exact issue without doing some testing.

That said, I will have to guess about a few things. :)

I'll assume your in India?  That really doesn't matter too much except I know the Royal Enfield riders there LOVE to slow the idle speed down so it goes THUMP.....THUMP......THUMP...... at about 600-700 rpm (or slower).

That was all right for the old Iron Barrel but it is not all right for the new UCE powered motorcycles.  They need to be idling at speeds of 850-1250 rpm.
I suggest that speeds lower than 1000 rpm should not be used.
At these speeds, the old THUMP....THUMP.... will not be noticeable.

The reason for the higher idling speed is the engine uses hydraulic valve lifters and an automatic compression release.
If the engine is not idling fast enough the oil pump will not be able to keep the pressure up.  This will allow the hydraulic valve lifters to compress which increases the amount of valve lash (tapping noises).
Also, at low idling speeds, the alternator will not keep the battery charged.

Try increasing the engine idle speed and see if that does not solve the problem. :)

Another possible cause is the automatic decompression release.
It activates when the engine is running at very slow speeds and the noise is usually a "clack, clack, clack....." sound.
Normally, its activation speed is far below idle speeds but if the oil is unusually cold they have been known to continue their clacking after the engine starts.
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Re: "tick-tick" sound in Enfield 350 Classic Motorcycle
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2015, 12:21:05 am »
I got nothing, but when I read the thread title, I thought "if it's not ticking, its not running ) .  :P
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