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on: March 21, 2013, 10:54:01 am
I was looking at some statistics for the Forum when I signed in today and thought  you all might be interested. This June it will have been online for 6 years. We have had over 32 million page views and now claim 11,367 members. In general I find that there are about 4 guests (non members) online for every member so our reach is bigger than you might think.

I did NOT post those with the most time online as it shows that many of us need a life off line and who needs to be reminded of that?

The board was a very risky venture when we started it as these things can go one of two ways. I did not want to manage it all of the time and did not want to have to deal with flame wars, incessant complaining etc. I dare say this may have turned out to be one of the best boards on the internet in terms of civility, help offered, camaraderie and a whole host of other things. Other than to remove the occasional spammers I have not spent two hours dealing with problems or negativity in all of the years this board has been open.
When I tell other manufacturers that they don't believe me. You are the most civil positive group on the net today and I am not kidding. Our banned list looks someone quit counting when they hit 3. (except spammers). I have taken a very light hand in moderating and think it has been for the best. By being open I think it has actually built confidence in the product. Customers know that we can share our experiences honestly and that like every product we have our good points and our warts. It has been a very good way for us to get feedback and for us to help customers.

It has built a user community of people who know a lot more about the bike than when they started and really truly try to help other owners. I think that on average when people are critical of the product here others offer honest opinions and the dust settles where it will. As the importer it is better if our customers walk into this with all sides of the story and make an informed choice. I would much rather lose a potential customer than have someone buy a product that does not fit their needs. You will find that our best and most successful dealers do the same thing. Always sell someone something that meets their needs and not yours.

What do I personally like about the forum
1. The diversity of people and respectful opinions
2. The total self management. If a member sees something inappropriate they normally flag the item and if we agree I will approach the poster. It always ends up "nice". It is really great
3. The information we glean from our customers and the relationships we have made.

What aggravates me about the forum?
1. When I am overseas and on the forum and everyone else is in bed
2. I cringe when some of my worthy competitors in the parts and accessory business get kudo's and recommendations but I just grin and bear it. I want all of the business but I think for the health of the community and the forum it is better to let it go and let the free market prevail.
Anyway - post on

Total Members:11,367
Total Posts:153,945
Total Topics:12,768
Total page views:32,024,006
Average registrations per day:6.28
Average posts per day:82.67
Average topics per day:7.16
Total Boards:23Male to Female Ratio:28.5:1
Average page views per day:15,184.45

Top 10 Posters 5849
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1Blackwolf1 3614
barenekd 3190
r80rt 2973
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UncleErnie 2545
GreenMachine 2487

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Bullet Electra & AVL Models 13.720
Tech Tips 7,930
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Vintage Royal Enfield/Indian 1,977
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Royal Enfield News 1279
New Product & Improvement Ideas 1.194

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