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Author Topic: Aluminum Block Chain Adjusters  (Read 656 times)


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Aluminum Block Chain Adjusters
« on: March 20, 2013, 12:06:53 pm »
The aluminum block accessories chain adjusters I find to be almost as big a PITA as the snails.
The problem I had with the snails was that the right hand one required me to get it out past the the aligning pin before it would even move, requiring complete removal of the axle nut, then prying the snail out far enough to turn it. I don't know why it did this, but after a multitude of chain adjustments with the OEM chain, it got a bit old. The snails definitely were misaligned when the wheel was straight. I pt some centerpunch marks on the snails where the wheel  was even.
When I replaced the chain with an 18 T sprocket and 102 link chain, I also replaced the snails with the aluminum adjusters. I got lucky the first time out as the adjustment was the same as the OEM chain so all I had to do was use the same dimensions. Later on,  changing tires, I found that youahd to slip thes  blocks over the swing arm ends before putting the axle through ar you weren't going to get them on. Little bit of a PITA,but livable. A bit harder tolive with was the access to the adjusting nuts with pretty much any type wrench. It as easy enough to get the outside nut with a socket, a skinny one, but the inner nut was a real PITA. I ended up just slightly jamming them together the doing the adjustment with the outside nut or if the nuts were aligned properly with each other I could slip the socket over both of them. The next thing I noticed was that I was very nearly out of adjustment before the axle was going to run into the adjusters. After probably one more adjustment I as going to have to go back to the snails. With a 101 link chain this wouldn't have been a problem, but I hadn't secured a half link for the Tsubaki chain, yet. I think they are available, but fitment was still a question.
I hope the Continental (Cafe Racer) blocks work better than these. They look like they have ample room.
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