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Author Topic: The Muffler Crack'd  (Read 505 times)


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The Muffler Crack'd
« on: February 19, 2013, 05:36:25 am »
 The other day i took a lovely spin on the g5 up in the hills of central Victoria, the bike was(is) running well with the new chain and fresh oil change ,did a few K's on the dirtroads and had just got back on the bitumen when with a sudden bump the engine volume increased by about 20db along with a suspicious rattle. Turned out the stock pipe had broken just where it swells to encompass the baffle.Sounded great!, but a Lotte loud.I got home OK without futher trauma and took the bike to a mates shop and with some help mig welded it back together-the next day i had to work in echuca on the river Murray about 500k round trip and very happy to report the bike was great.I think I may have caused this problem ,after fitting the springer seat from the importer I had set the rear shocks to the hardest preload setting  thinking it would improve the handling but it seems the increase in road vibration was to much for the muffler. The break occured at the polished weld about three inches from where it joins the header pipe. I really must replace it ,and thanks for your advice gremlin.I don't get on the forum often Bare but from the pics posted  your bike looked really nice with all the work you'd done. Really liked the guards treatment.Very sad man but remember bikes will allways come and go in our lives-your health is more important-good to hear you're still sound in body and mind.  Come to think of it, not so sure about the mind-I hear your planning to get another bullet!

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Re: The Muffler Crack'd
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2013, 04:46:19 pm »
Come to think of it, not so sure about the mind-I hear your planning to get another bullet!

I have my Cafe Racer on order! Just waiting.
As for the muffler, I don't know if you've priced the stock ones or not, but over here, they're about $600. Unless you're getting it under warranty, I'd be looking at other options. I'd be looking at other options even if it were under warranty.
There are a lot of good aftermarket ones out there for under $200. I like the EFIs because they are fairly quiet and perform a lot better then stock. I sure never worried about getting a ticket for noise, but the sound is a very nice mellow thump that you can hear a block away or so. Cops never even looked at me. They work fine with or without the angle adapter, I just like that upswept look better. Avoid the upswept muffler from NFG or Hitchcock's though. It's quite a bit louder than the EFI and the internals have a habit of disassembling themselves. The Goldie is a good muffler and it has a baffle that can be fiddled with for the amount of noise you want to make. The Dominator is a good performing, but initially loud pipe. You may want to put a bit of stuffing in it before going too far.
I found that the softest setting on the shocks is pretty much the same as the hard setting. Way too much compression damping. That's why I got Hagons!
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Re: The Muffler Crack'd
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2013, 04:49:04 pm »
put the stock muffler aside and buy yourself the hitchcock's efi muffler from the uk.
it will be the best money spent - sounds great - feels faster - and throws a smile on the dial
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