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Author Topic: Mikarb Manifold  (Read 871 times)


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Mikarb Manifold
« on: January 20, 2013, 05:14:16 pm »
Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, had a damn good look though!
I am looking to remove the PAV system and it seems ill need a new manifold and heat spacer. Hopefully this will let the mikcarb shift a little closer under the stead and let the top of the throttle cable clear the tank (at the moment it rubs the edge as it sits a little too far back i think).

Does anybody know where i can order a new alloy manifold for the job? I have seen the one on hitchcocks for the Amal carbs, but im running the stock micarb on my 500.

Any help much appreciated!



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Re: Mikarb Manifold
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 09:31:20 am »
Hi Will:
I used the micarb for several years as it was installed on my bike when I bought it. I didn't like the bent angle the throttle cable followed entering the top of the carb. I tried everything I could think of to avoid it, without success. I even got some radiator hoses with different bends to try to get the cable to enter the top of the carb without that nasty bend, nojoy ! You won't want to hear this, but I succeeded when I tossed the micarb and replaced it with the 30mm flat slide from CMW. A world of difference, not only in the appearance but also in performance. You can fiddle endlessly with the micarb, but there will always be issues you cannot solve. I'm happy to be free of the micarb and several on this forum will agree with that.

Neil and Buzzy.


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Re: Mikarb Manifold
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 09:47:31 am »
If you decide to just get a manifold, you can order a new one from NField Gear.
Or you can put a Wanted ad up on the parts wanted forum at the bottom of the page, and someone who changed their carb to a new one might send you the one they don't use anymore.


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Re: Mikarb Manifold
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2013, 02:14:17 am »

I am still using the Mikcarb. One day I'll upgrade to a 30 or 32mm of some sort but for the time being it suits fine. And it is not a bad little carburetor.

When you remove the PAV you will notice a little hole in the underside of the alloy manifold. Find a self tapping screw of appropriate size and use that to block off the hole.


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Re: Mikarb Manifold
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2013, 08:07:51 am »
Try re-positioning the air filter housing in respect to it's mounting bracket. It is slotted and you can get just a little clearance for the throttle cable as it's position effects the carb angle.
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