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Author Topic: Turns Out It's A '58 Apache!  (Read 679 times)

High On Octane

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Turns Out It's A '58 Apache!
« on: January 16, 2013, 09:08:24 pm »
After countless hours of research on the internet, several phone calls all over the US, and pages of Enfield and Lucas manuals, it turns out I actually have a 1958 Indian Apache, NOT a '58 Trailblazer.  So all the confusion with my K2F problems make sense now.  The Trailblazer comes equipped with the K2F manual advance, while the Apache comes equipped with the auto-advance.  But this is great news!  Not only do I have automatic advance timing, but the Apache motor comes with 8:1 compression as apposed to 7:25 compression on the Trailblazer.  The Apache motor also has bigger cams!  :D

Also, after seeing an exploded view of the points plate, and detailed instructions in a Lucas manual, I finally figured out how to set the points.  Turns out the points hadn't been adjusted in so long that plate kind of seized in place and that's why I was having so much trouble getting it adjusted.  I ordered up some new pick-up brushes .  I'm picking up the new Amal 930 Friday afternoon, and hopefully the points and brushes will be here by then.  After that, I'll know for sure if the mag is bad or good.

I finished the electrical last week too.  Installed a Sparx battery eliminator and ran all new wire and upgraded the lights to 12V.  I'm REALLY hoping to have this thing ready for the road by next week or so.  Only time and money will tell.
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Re: Turns Out It's A '58 Apache!
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2013, 02:55:05 pm »
I'm not sure how much info out there is correct. I could tell you by your engine prefix whether it's a Trailblazer (early SM, later SMP & SMPA) or Apache (early SMR, later SMRA & SMRB). The Chiefs were SMPB on early ones in late 58 then the went to a PC prefix till the end. The early Trailblazers had 32706 inlet cam and a 32705 exhaust cam but in 57 they went to using the exhaust cam on both ends. The Apache shared the same cams with the Constellation (inlet 35344 exhaust 35345) and they both used the Amal 10TT9 carburetor (some Connys used the Y manifold and twin carbs but you don't see them much any more). The Trailblazer & Super Meteor models used the SR2 mag that looks similar to a Fairbanks Morse (Joe Hunt) but the Apache used the manual spark K2F as did the Constellation models. The Interceptors used much the same internals as the Conny did but it has a slightly larger bore and stroke. You can use standard 750cc pistons in a 700cc if you bore them out a bit. The con rods are  the same. The 750 (736cc actual) used the auto spark advance K2F mag.

I learned all this stuff by actually purchasing the manuals for the different machines and being a REOC/NA club member for a few years. We didn't have internet back then. More info is emerging all the time but some is a little off.