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Author Topic: Newbie Needs Help!!!  (Read 720 times)


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Newbie Needs Help!!!
« on: October 07, 2012, 04:46:12 pm »
Hey guys! I'm considering buying a RE but I can't decide between the G5 classic in British Racing Green and the C5 in Black/Chrome. I have a few questions/concerns...

1. I love the look of the C5 but my number one color is British Racing Green. Unfortunately it doesn't come in that color but I can live with the Black/Chrome combination. Only concerns with the C5 are the 18" wheels and seemingly large solo seat. I know the newer C5 Specials come with a 19" front wheel, but is the 18" rear wheel easily modified to match the front wheel? Regarding the seat, I don't like the look of the tip of the seat touching the gas tank, I like a gap in between and I also like seats that sit a little lower but are still spring. Any solutions to this? So really the only cons to the C5 to me are the high/large seat, lack of my favorite color, and smaller wheel. I'm assuming the seat can be fixed and also the rear wheel so I would be satisfied if that could be done.

2. My other choice is the G5 classic in British Racing Green. This comes in my favorite color but I'm concerned about the rear rack mount when converting to a solo seat. I want a clean rear fender. I saw the Cameron's G5 mod where a thread is dug up to show a trials fender stay with loop to replace the rack mount but it still isn't the look I want. It would be perfect if the C5 rear stays could be mounted on the G5. Is this possible considering the different frames? Also could the fork gaiters be removed to look like the C5's forks?

Sorry for asking a lot of questions. In the end I like the look of these 2 bikes. I realize one has a rear pillion which I do not wish to have, so my concern regarding the G5 would address that. Also where could I find a small tan seat like that? Thanks and sorry if these questions have been answered already.    - Pat



Jack Leis

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Re: Newbie Needs Help!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 09:53:57 pm »
  If it were me, Id get the G5. Ive got 14k on a 2011 and am sold on them. When I was shopping for an Enfield, I only sat on a C5 and IMHO it felt like a scooter. Regarding your chosen options you mentioned, Nfield Gear and Hitchcocks has loads of stuff for you to choose from. Just have your credit card ready.
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Re: Newbie Needs Help!!!
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2012, 06:17:38 am »
You can buy shorter springs for the C5 seat from NFieldgear to reduce the height, and at the same time you can reposition the slightly tipped seat to give you about 1/2" clearance from the gas tank. The read wheel is an easy mod and your two options are to buy a fatter 18" tire so that the diameter matches the front 19" tyre, or you can buy a complete pre assembled 19" wheel. Hitchcocks sells new takeoffs from Indian bikes for a reasonable price. 
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