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Author Topic: North San Diego County Ride  (Read 387 times)


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North San Diego County Ride
« on: July 19, 2012, 11:14:43 am »
I hadn't planned on this being so long when I put it in the What did you do..." section, so I figured I'd move it here and add a few words that I'd forgotten in the original posting
Jack and I did a bit of a truncated 200 mile ride today, down into the Northern San Diego County area. We had our fraternal twin G5s together had to compare mileages. See pic below.
We met in Corona and took Temescal Canyon down to Lake St, in Lake Elsinore and on down Grand to Clinton-Kieth, right to Volcano and dropped down, literally, a very steep curvy road to Carancho, in the Avocado fields and over to DeLuz, a very nice twisty, narrow, beautifully wooded little road that goes down to Fallbrook. getting from Corona to Volcano was fraught with its own problems, as every time we got to and intersection, a truck would pull out in front of us! It got to be a real PITA after awhile. But we kept on plugging.
The ride down Carancho and DeLuz were wonderful.
this was my first time behind his new Gold Star Silencer. Amazing sound, this is what an English thumper is supposed to sound like.
He took the baffle out as it was killing the power. It's a bit louder than his toned down Dominator pipe, but not as noisy as the Dominator was before he stuffed it with fiberglass. But it's still not obtrusive, particularly at part throttle. But as the old Motor Cycle Magazine Road Tests used to say about just about all the old thumpers, "The exhaust was loud with this type of riding (revving in the higher ranges),and though having a note that was stirring to the enthusiast, was probably objectionable to the non-motor cyclists" It certainly stirred my soul. Without a doubt the best sounding silencer I've heard. And still a long way from the Hardley headache!
Confession, I did manage to overcook a corner a corner and kinda overshoot the double yellow as a car was coming the other ay. It was only about a foot and he moved over so it wasn't a disaster. I had the Bullet leaning to the point it as dragging stuff, so I couldn't lean any farther!. Anyway, cheated death again, and we kept on going. We took the S13 south out of Fallbrook to the 76 and  headed east past the 15 Freeway then turned onto Couser Canyon, another of those Bullet friendly beautiful roads. We enjoyed that one down to Lilac road and went back northeast on it.
I hadn't been on Lilac on a lot of years and I really didn't turn the direction I thought I wanted. It sue dto end at a dirt road many years ago and the guys I was with always went back when we got to the dirt.. Well, Jack and I, being the intrepid adventurers that we are, just kept going, Well, I just kept going and he followed me, he of great faith. I hadn't been on this segment ever, and had no idea where it would take us. As it worked out, it looped around South of Pala and came out on the 76 East of Pala.
Jack was loving that part of the ride and I rater enjoyed it, too. A little off pavement foray is a lot of fun. I almost grabbed a big handful of throttle just to go broadsliding around a corner, but the old man took control, and told me this bike ain't built for that dirt squirtin'. if ya wanna do that put the scrambles bars back on it!
Maybe I need another Bullet!
We decided to venture farther east,and I had some thoughts about going up Palomar, but it was starting to get uncomfortably hot. Then Jack took the lead and pulled into a local taco stand. I was ready to start looking for a restaurant and needed to go a couple of more miles to another one. But we were at Jilberto's, and decided to eat there. It was about 12:15, and we went in and the  place was packed with a bunch of guys who were working  some big construction project. Since this was on an Indian reservation, I was assuming they were all Indians. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The Carne Asada burritos were great.
We left there and went back west to Rice Canyon and got stopped
on it for some road construction. The guy who stopped looked at our bikes and told us he had one, an older iron barrel. He said he kinda got it smuggled into California a few years ago and was disappointed with its performance. We told him how great we thought ours were, so he kinda got the urge to get his going again.
Any way we were finally released to cross the new pavement and it felt like my wheels sunk an inch or so into the new macadam.  I guess those guys still have a bunch of rolling to do.
Well, Rice leads to  rainbow, and there were signs there about no through traffic and detours and such, but I had to see if it was really true. It was, so we had to backtrack a couple of of miles or so, then jumped on the freeway to go home. Jack took off up the 215 and I continued on the 15 until I could get back onto Temescal  Canyon and took the streety way back home. The wind really was starting to blow, the Santa Ana kind, very strong and very hot. I was sure glad to get home in the LA basin where it was a lot cooler!
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