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Author Topic: bar end mirrors  (Read 785 times)


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bar end mirrors
« on: May 27, 2012, 04:46:36 pm »
I ordered some of the bar end mirrors Z90519 BLACK for the special price of $13.56 (each) from NField and spent most of a week trying to figure out how to use them.

The biggest problem I have is that the part that is supposed to go into the bars doesn't go into the stock bars on my 1999 military  >:(

I tried to modify the wedge by grinding the edges to get them inserted but after finally getting off enough material to insert them I found I could not tighten them without the nut slipping over the tabs that are supposed to push the flanges against the inside of the handlebars.

That led me to cannibalizing my cheap round ones for their mounts which worked great on these mirrors and held them nice and solid in my handlebars.  Unfortunately I then found that I could not position them to be the way I wanted.  The only way I could get the mirrors to face backwards was to position them such that the handlebar mount was in the way of the levers when they were pulled in fully.  I wanted to rotate the handlebar mount so that it wouldn't be in the way of the levers but the mirrors are always facing forward than.  Argh... back to the cheap ones that work.

I did read comments about these vibrating a bit but after taking them apart several times I could see that if you disabled the "hinge" by taking the spring out from between the mirror and the handlebar mount I bet they would vibrate a great deal less.