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Author Topic: turned 1k  (Read 318 times)


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turned 1k
« on: April 22, 2012, 08:50:52 pm »
got the b5 last saturday turned 1,015 miles today. hard to do when cold and dont commute.

changed oil at 300 even. suction filter looked like it was wrapped in metal dryer lint. like everyone else's.  changed oil filter and went over all fasteners. at 600 miles drained oil and pulled suction filter it was clean! magnets had more flakes. put new oil in and checked all fasteners.  now at 1k changed oil and filter again. suction had a few flakes and magnets a few. no biggie.

i now will change oil at normal intervals.
mpg's 62-65 and i weigh 250 pounds.

put several coats of wax on it,
had a short in the right pilot light
clutch lever pivot needed some grease
adjustment needed to the throttle body pilot screw, about a 1/8 turn counter clockwise. would stall at idle even when hot
some loose bolts here and there and adjusted tire pressure. (dealer had the front at 30psi)

im thrilled with the machine and will continue to take good care of it as i do with all my machines.

i stopped at a different dealer to see what kind of oil they carried. a younger guy and his girlfriend came out and he said  " wow thats old"  as it shined in the sunlight" ;D
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Re: turned 1k
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 11:04:19 pm »
Congratulations. :)

It sounds like your doing everything right and yes, it's neat when the young say things like, "I've read about those old motorcycles but I never thought I'd see one!".

Then there's the truck drivers that give big thumbs up waves, older riders that say, "I had one just like that when I was in High School back in the '50's." ,  "That looks like a big single!  I haven't seen one for years  Damn!  I like the sound those things make!"...... :)
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