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Author Topic: On Line Store Needs Updating  (Read 944 times)


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On Line Store Needs Updating
« on: April 19, 2012, 02:45:07 pm »
The On Line NfieldGear store seems to need updating.

Today I wanted to order a new OEM airfilter for my UCE G5 so I looked up the part number in the nfieldgear catalog and it listed it as part number 581007.

I also wanted to order a spare headlight bulb for my 7" Non Sealed Lucas headlight.  The nfieldgear catalog lists this bulb as part number Z90455.

This bulb is an archaic, antiquated Lucas bulb with a weird flange on it.  No American light bulb company makes a replacement and the only source other than nfieldgear I could find was in England.  While looking for it I found that the number P36D was the only good link to a bulb of this style.  This is the reason I wanted to have a spare one on hand.

When I went on line to NField Gear I looked thru all of their bulb offerings without success so I put "Z90455" into the search engine.  It failed to recognize the number.
Next I tried entering "Z 90455" and received the same results.

OK..... how about an Original Equipment Air Filter for a G5?

Looking thru the air filters at the web site I find they aren't shown or even mentioned.
Again, I used the search engine by entering "581007" and again their computer fails to recognize the part number.

My next step was to call NField Gear on their 1-800-358-0938 phone number.

A pleasant sounding woman answered the phone and I told her my problem.

She asked me for the bulb part number and lo and behold!  Her computer didn't show it as an existing number either.

After some discussion and a few "on holds" she said she found the bulb but they were out of stock.  She would have to back order it.

Her computer did recognize the air filter number so I guess everything isn't broken but I'll have to keep my fingers crossed and hope the elusive bulb actually shows up at their place of business and gets mailed to me sometime in the future.

The bottom line is the NField Gear links computer doesn't seem to know what they have and what they don't have.  It doesn't like the part numbers listed in the catalog and generally speaking it is a PITA.

If anyone really wants to order some parts IMO the only way to do it is to give them a call.  At least the phone call is free and the people answering the phone will try to get your order to you even if you have to wait for the slow boat from England or India to do it.
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