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Author Topic: useful info on 200watt Alternator for Royal Enfields  (Read 3152 times)


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useful info on 200watt Alternator for Royal Enfields
« on: April 15, 2008, 03:17:49 am »
As an Royal Enfield enthusiast, I explored a feasibility of an upgraded alternator for Indian made Royal Enfields  and possibly, for British made, post 1955 Royal Enfield machines including twins.
The upgraded alternator could cater for uprated Battery (12v 14 Ah), better starting/firing, brighter lighting  with increased wattage, additional light such as fog light, use of siren for police/Military purpose etc.
The  alternator would be of 200watts output much more than the standard "Original Equipment " alternator on Bullet being  about 60w and Thunderbird being 116 w, and would be adaptable to all Indian made Royal Enfields as well as  post 1955  British made machines including twins.

A specialist firm (ISO 9000 certified) from Chennai who happens to be the designer and manufacturer of the alternator currently used on Indian made Royal Enfields,   manufactures and sells this product.

The contact person (ref. below) Mr. Pattabiraman is an expert in the field of I.C. Engines and associated Electrical Engineering. He is an electrical  engineer  with  invention patent  for  the  alternator  manufactured  by him  with  ferrite  magnets in  place if  alnico  magnets  in  the  same  dimensions  and  fitment. The alternator on Indian Enfields 1977 onwards is designed by him .Also, the AC/DC and the CDI & nbsp; systems on the Royal Enfields are designed by him.

  Alternator information-
The 200watt rotor is of same dia of the existing one(74.2mm)and same fitment dimensions , but has  "thickness  " or dimension along the axis of rotation , larger by   3  mm , than the existing one .
Also, the new stator mounting are the same as existing (i.e. 111.1mm P.C.D.).The number of coils is changed , Bore of the stator is kept the same to maintain uniform and same air gap as existing .
This results in NO space problem i.e. the existing primary covers can accommodate the 200watt alternator WITHOUT any problem or WITHOUT any Modification required.

The upgraded alternator   needs an upgraded rectifier, a regulator, and the wiring needs to be changed to the AC-DC wiring (already being used by Royal Enfield )

 I have fitted the abovementioned alternator on a Royal Enfield Metror Minor (500cc twin) engine and it is performing well.

Please note that ,I do not have any commercial intrests /financial commitment with the manufacturer .
This info  is being sent purely in the intrest of assisting for availing  an useful product , to fellow enthusiasts of Royal Enfield ,and upon a request to do so by the contact person of the firm.

 For any  technical quarries /clarifications and detailed commercial quote they could be contacted directly at following details.

Following are the details of the Firm-
Name of the firm- Ignition Products (India) Private Limited
Contact Person-   Mr. S. Pattabiraman
CHENNAI 600041
TEL.  91 44 22542661/ 22542621
Email-  pattabi22@hotmail.com

Websites -    http://www.indiamart.com/ignitionproducts/


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Re: useful info on 200watt Alternator for Royal Enfields
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2008, 02:11:37 pm »
Thanks for posting that.
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