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Author Topic: Electra X Carb: Main Jet and Needle Information  (Read 2691 times)


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Electra X Carb: Main Jet and Needle Information
« on: February 23, 2008, 01:42:07 pm »
Here are notes on the main jet and needle of a 2006 Electra X stock carb:

Main jet:
- 2 phillips screws hold the float bowl on.
- Remove them and you'll see the main jet is the tallest brass fitting.
- Mine is a 110 jet.
- Unscrew the jet with a flat blade screwdriver. Only the round threaded jet should come out. If the jet holder with the hex sides comes loose, use a wrench to hold it in place as you unscrew the jet itself.
- You will be able to see the needle up in the jet tube.
- Assembly is reverse.

- 2 phillips screws hold the carb top on
- Look at the brass colored carb top. Note the rubber tab protruding. Note the metal tab that fits over a positioning stud.
- Remove the top and a big spring pops out.
- Peek down in the slide and you'll see a butterfly-shaped brass holder with 2 small phillips.
  This holds the needle assembly in place. *Make a mental note of its postion: long side, short side, 2 holes in slide.
- Carefully remove the slide and diaphragm assembly
- Remove the 2 small brass screws inside the slide and turn the assembly over.
- The brass fitting and screws will come out. Also a smaller spring and a washer. Finally the needle.
- The needle has a clip and a white plastic spacer. The clip is probably in the middle slot of three.
- The white plastic spacer has a little stud that helps locate the needle in a hole in the slide when you go to replace it.
- Remove the clip with needle nose
- The white spacer *will* move. Turn it around and around to start freeing it a bit (almost as if you were screwing it in or out). Once it moves freely, some pressure will slide it down so that you can place the clip in the bottom-most position (towards the pointy end), thus raising the needle.
+ Assembly +
- After the clip is relocated, slide the white spacer back up snug against it
- Drop the needle back down into the slide and make sure the stud on the white spacer fits into the little hole in the slide.
- drop the little washer back down over the end of the needle
- place the little spring on next
- Place the butterfly back in resting on top of the spring. Long end is positioned between the two holes in the slide, while the short end butts-up against the slide and no holes can be seen on that back side.
- Replace one screw into the tapered hole. Compress it and screw it in just enought to get a bite.
- Put the next screw in and tighten both down progressively.
- Reinsert the slide and diaphragm assembly. The rubber tab will fit into a positioning slot.
- Reinsert the long spring
- Replace the metal cap. It too has a positioning slot. Screw in both phillips screws.

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